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How to obtain the support measures provided for by an Individualised educational plan (IEP) or a Personalised educational plan (PEP)?
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To obtain support measures you must read your IEP/PEP carefully and identify the measures you will need with regards to the exam. Please contact the teacher at the beginning of the course and explain politely what measures of your IEP or PEP you would like to agree upon for studying and for the exam.

Please bear in mind the following rules:

  • Mind maps and forms must be shared with the teacher already during the teaching semester.
  • ‚óŹ The additional time for the exams on "Questionmark" or on "Questionmark through SEB" or on "Questionmark through Google Meet" must be first agreed upon with the teacher and requested to the Service by Ticket at least 15 days before the exam, indicating: name of the exam, date of the exam, exam code, teaching professor, percentage of additional time provided by your PEP/IEP, platform on which you will take the exam.
  • In case of written tests, any support for reading must be agreed upon with the teacher and communicated to the service by Ticket no later than 15 days before the exam.

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